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Marko Rubel Complaints and Reviews

Nov 14, 2015

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Aug 27, 2015

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Aug 12, 2015

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Aug 10, 2015


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May 30, 2015

Take Responsibility For Your Choices

Let me preface my comments by saying that I have no vested interest in this man what so ever, I've not lost any money I have gotten a dvd and cd in the mail for about $7. And I agree that the that the information on it was not very informative but I don't think it was meant to be, it was mean to expose you to an new way of participating in real estate and I think it accomplished that. In response to 'Lying Thief' posted on 4/5/15. Thank you for your post I really appreciate it when someone doesn't just tear something down with out offering a viable solution. Your post was the most helpful of all. The rest of these are nothing but adults looking to get something for nothing and for someone else to take responsibility for them not doing their own due process before they made an investment. However, you said in your post that and I quote, 'There is no such thing as no money investments. Get real people.' I never heard him make that claim. What he says is that there's a way to make money in real estate without using your own money or credit, but instead using other people's money and credit. Investing in real estate with your own money and credit; Investing in real estate using other people's money and credit; And no money investments- Are three very different animals. He offers 7 different strategies and according to him 4 of them require none of 'your own money' NOT any money but
' using your own money', and the other 3 require some out of pocket expenses. As a teacher I am very keen about listening to what person says vs what people think they said. It makes a very big difference and the two can be worlds apart. We must stop looking to other people to blame when things don't turn out the way we think they should. Take full and complete responsibility for your choices learn what you need to learn from the experience and make a more intelligent choice the next time. Thank you all for your input in helping me to make a quality decision.
May 17, 2015

dollar is a dollar

WOW FREE $100.00 KIT FOR JUST THE POSTAGE! Was tied up at the off the page I went...only to see instant access for $ .99 so I marked the page and ordered later... received access link with user name but no contact info... no way to get one...v liking lost password with username..brings back the reply... no username registered!!

Thanks for nothing...don't worry...I won't waste my time on your Free Web conference!
May 2, 2015

Don't understand the principle of the program

I dont know anything about Mark, but what I don't understand is that if Marko is wealthy from doing these deals, then, why doesnt he simply invest his money in great stocks. That's what wealthy people do. Now, I'm wondering why he's doing this business. If I were were wealthy, this is something I would teach my son to do, but I would do something with much more meaning and more profitable. In regards to the program, I didn't understand what was meant by buying a forclosure property at a closing and having the sellers give you 35K. My question is: Is this some type of seller financing? I never understood how the money was made.

Another thing, why do I need to listen to all those people talk about how much money they made and what they did. I just need to know what to do myself, and understand it clearly. Just tell me one time, I don't need hours and hours of video or training to do this. Just write out a blueprint and list the steps. If this is going to be my training just let me rent the videos if I'm going into partnership with you, Marko.
Apr 25, 2015

Marko RIPOFF Rubel

He talks like uneducated with false claims and has a very poor reputation.

All of his courses are out dated and his information is nothing more than redone.

He talks about integrity and how he does business with people, what a joker.

Run if you see this man and his team of petty sales slime.

Don't attend his event unless you want to listen to babble for days on end with fake student testimonials.
Apr 20, 2015

lying thief

Why would anyone pay this loser for free information. If you send this thief any money at all...... then I guess you deserve to be robbed. This scam has been around for 40 years. Thus is just the latest asshole to use it. There is no such thing as no money investments. Get real people. If you want to make money on real estate then go to foreclosure auctions. Subscribe to your county clerks mortgage and noteholders records info. All foreclosure and pre foreclosures are public record. You can work out a deal directly with the person in pre foreclosure to transfer the title to you and you assume responsibility for the mortgage by paying off the default amount and renting or selling the property and splitting the profits. Viola....real estate investment pay off. But this still requires money to invest. Don't get suckered by a thief. I JUST TOLD YOU EVERYTHING HE WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT MAKING GOOD MONEY WITH LOW INVESTMENT.
Mar 26, 2015


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Mar 25, 2015


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Mar 23, 2015


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Mar 20, 2015


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Mar 19, 2015


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Dec 11, 2014

Are These Reviews Being Written By Shills?

It sounds to me like most of the reviews were written by shills. A good portion of them have the same language problems... to put it mildly. Very few of the complaints had any substance to them.

I got the impression that the majority of the so-called complainers did not follow the instructions and therefore got poor results. That might be giving too much credit. Seriously, I think that nearly all of the supposed complaints were posted by shills. They aren't very good at their job or it wouldn't be so blatantly obvious.

I am doing research prior to signing up for Marko's course. Until I reached this site, everything looked fine. Shills just waste my time. Go crawl behind your rock and stay there. I'm looking for honesty, not stupidity.
Dec 5, 2014

These reviews crack me up!

These reviews of Marko are ridiculous. Marko is a top notch educator. I have spent $50k+ on my real estate education over the years and I can tell you he is by far the best. His techniques that he teaches are flawless and very effective. My guess is these negative reviews are because the people that bought into the course/system haven't taken the time or energy to perfect the skills that are required to be successful in this business. They just expect to push a button and make millions! I'm sorry but that is not going to happen so by default someone is going to be blamed and that person is Marko.
Josh Hershner - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sep 11, 2014

Realtor Review

I have been a Realtor for over 12 years, and my father was showing me how to look up foreclosures on microfiche, when I was 15yrs old.
If you've never been in Real Estate, you will be a little overwhelmed with all the information he gives. Myself I found a lot of it review, but I am picking up things, that I hadn't thought of & learning a few things as well.

I have never had to wait more than a minute on hold, and his people have always been helpful and kind.

The people on this site can post anything they want, unchallenged. I would suggest doing your research, and checking into his program.
I haven't been dissapointed.
Aug 12, 2014


HORRIBLE PEOPLE.....SCAM ARTISTS. Call them yourself and you will see just how bad of people they are. They are scumbags! Stay away!!
Jul 22, 2014

He is exactly what he says he isn't...a GURU!

Marko, you state you want to team up with people on investments 50/50 and you have unlimited funding. I bet you do have unlimited funding. However, no one has access to talk to you in order to do a 50/50 deal with you. Anyone who calls is assigned to sales personnel. Why would I want to buy a bunch of CD's, a diamond program, and pay on and on for this and that before you decide if I am a worthy person to speak to or to do a 50/50 deal with? That is crazy. I will put my money into buying and selling houses before giving it to some Guru. Guru programs, including yours are full of lies and misleading information. You have to keep buying and keep buying to learn the secrets which no matter how much you pay, they never tell you, because they don't have all the answers themselves. Why? Because there are no secrets, other than every deal is different and comes with its own set of challenges. You either understand the market or you don't. Some deals are quick and easy and others take a bit more work. I want to buy and sell real estate. I do not want to give my money away to Guru's selling study courses. If I want to get further information on REI I can buy all the books I need at my local bookstore, I can ask another investor, real estate agent, county clerks, attend a REIC or explore the internet, for free or for a few dollars. What you have to offer is no different than all the other GURU out there making a bad name for REI. You just learned from those Guru's, (who probably ticked you off) that you can do the same thing and ignorant people (like you once were) will give you money, and lots of it. You state you are different from the Gurus out here. How does your exact same strategy make you any different? You sell the same course information, CD's, study guides, and so on. You hold conferences for a few days. You have even copied the Inner Circle that all the rest have. After several discussions with a sales advisor I don't find your program to be any different than any other REI Guru. You are just replicating what you were taught by some other Guru. If you really want to be different, than be different. If you want to be a Guru stop trying to convince the world that you are not a Guru and just be who and what you are. Me, I am not paying you or anyone else a dime for free information that is all around me. I called you about your challenge to partner up on deals. I don't pay people to partner up with me. I want to make my share of the money. I have to feed and care for my family just like you. If you don't partner up with people, or offer unlimited funding for REI's, unless you first get paid for your courses, stop advertising that you do. It is called false advertising and it is illegal. You're going to get sued one day. America is the land of the free, but that does not mean we do not have laws that you have to follow.
Jul 13, 2014

Wait until you see the reviews on YouTube

Anybody can write good and bad reviews on a site like this that doesn't require verification.

Go to and search reviews on his name - it's a lot harder to lie on the camera!

Shocking!! Check it out...
Jul 13, 2014

holy crap look at teh shills

I got my dvd in the mail and then they trieded to sell me this expensive program for like almost a 1000 dollars. im on fixed income and i can't afford that.

These guys are sharks. Help I want my shipping for the dvd back.
Jun 22, 2014

I like this site, here's why...

After been in real estate investing for over 4 years, I came accross Marko R.

My experience has been nothing but excellent. After spending 4 days with him, it is evident that he is an expert who comes from real experience and the one who works the business, not just teach seminars.

On top of it, he didn't bring a single speaker-salesman to sell us another product, but he spent 10 hrs (some days 12hrs) himself transferring his knowledge and experience - not common for the seminars today. He didn't need to work that hard that but everyone appreciated.

Little over 3 weeks later, I did my best deal so far and because of it I was able to leave my full time job. I feel that without Marko and his training that would have never happened. So, I'm grateful.

I like sites like this because they keep competition away. It's ok to keep my competition as far as possible from Marko... let them spend money on other gurus LOL LOL

Now, I wrote this review becuase I think it's injustice to Marko to spread misinformation and allow unregistered people, often other seminar gurus, etc. to write whatever they want against their competitor.

John Hamell,
Chicago IL
May 26, 2014

marko rubel webinars

He must be making his money from using people's internet data?
May 13, 2014

HIGH INTEGRITY! He is the most honest R.E. teacher!

Wow! I don't know how I got to this site, but after reading these posts here, I am getting upset. This is NOT true. I've known Marko for over 3 years now and the man has the highest integrity one would ever need or want in a teacher.

I attended his live seminar 3 times so far, and can't even begin to say how much it has changed my life. When I met Marko, I was almost broke. Now 3 years later I have over $11,500 in passive income coming to me every month, and hundreds of thousands in equity in the properties acquired using his investing principles. I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for him.

I can also state that I've met many successful students at his seminars, and through his programs. I stayed in touch with many of them for years and there's nothing bad anyone had ever said about him. PERIOD.

My advice to anyone is to continue your research until you find the truth.

Juan P.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Apr 13, 2014

What a Pain!

Marko offers a great product, except you can't really use it everywhere. The knowledge works, but it is out of date. Plus, why would you want to contribute to the problem, instead of the solution? If you call his office be prepared for long hold times, angry people on the phone, this one lady, I think her name was Jenny, literally yelled at me, like full on bellowing, and told me to 'respect her and her people,' and a general air of annoyance.

Can you believe that someone would yell at a customer? I wasn't even being rude, I was just asking a question.

Anyway, I have been a customer for a while. The customer service and technical support used to be better a few years ago. but it has really gone down hill this year (2014).

Unless you get angry and demand to speak to Marko himself, if you have a problem, you really aren't going to get anywhere.

Think for yourself and make your own decision.
Feb 19, 2014

they hounded me before i even got my dvd

lucky i was suspicious when they hound you before you get a chance to review...just fishy
Jan 2, 2014

New Era Formula Marko Rubel

What a waste of money.Please don't ever buy this dvd .It doesn't tell you anything and Mr Rubel just talks about himself Please stay away
Aug 25, 2013

Marko is a poor speaker and a gold-digger

I listened to his so called webinar. After 30 minutes I was ready to opt out; however, I was trying to giving the benefit of the doubt and try to listened all the way. After an hour, he was still talking, not speaking, about himself and so called successes. However, nothing about his plan. When someone tries so hard to convince you of their product, and are very winded like Marko, it means that they do not have a good product. Finally, after an hour I opted out; and I am glad I did. And now after I read all the horrible stories from his victims, my heart goes out to them. Don't be his victim. You can file complaints online with the BBB, Consumer Affair Agency, Fraud Department in your state, and with your bank if you paid with a credit card. I am lucky I am only $6.95, and with an insomniac night due to the headache listening to his winded webinar. Dana, CPA.
Jul 13, 2013

I've lost my life savings because of this bastard

I saved money for years and decided to invest the funds somewhere for a short time and get some profit for living. I have found many good reviews on Marko Rubel Company and they were dealing with the short-time investing plans.
I called to their office and got half-hour consultation from their manager, who was very convincing and finally persuaded me to invest all the money I had. Of course, he was a professional and he has already scammed many people the same way. But I didn’t know that at that date.

They promised me a good interest rate and I decided that it is a great opportunity to earn. However, I tried to get some information about my investment later and lost the contact with the company. The customer service didn’t pick up the tube and my emails left without answer. After about three months I finally got in touch with them and they told that I have lost my investment and they can’t do anything to help me. They told me that I was warned about real estate investment risks. Of course I was, but I couldn’t believe I lost the money. It seems to me that they have just scammed me and assigned my money.
Jul 11, 2013

I will file a case for my stolen money!

Don't cooperate with this fraud!
I was also a victim, and I had gone through the same situation. At first they ask you to pay for the services, however, it is nowhere to be said that you will not be able to use the program in full.
When I called them up and asked what is the problem that I am not able to log in, they tell you that it was never discussed that I would use the whole system. But it is ridiculous! I need to get in touch with someone who is in charge, but they would not let me speak to anyone.
I have lost my money, but I will not let them get away with this scam so easily. They think they can make money on innocent people and hope that everyone is an idiot or afraid to go to the police. Well, I am not afraid and I will file a case against them.

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