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Omni Tech Support Complaints and Reviews

May 11, 2016


its a very big scam
Apr 20, 2016


Every Online Tech Support is not a scam..people who think that,its a Scam,they are the IDIOTS..
Feb 15, 2016

Omni Tech - the REAL Guys/Gals

They are expensive, but they have fixed every jam. I, too was contacted by the scammers and called OmniTech. They changed my Customer ID and I've now checked when a scammer calls to see if they are using my old number or the new corrected number. I've been happy with their service.
Feb 8, 2016


Total scam,I paid 249 for 6 month, that was almost 2 year ago, they keep calling me to renew, I said no, I said stop calling me, I don't answer they change number, now last was a restricted number. This time I stayed on the phone, He said as I wasn't happy with service they want to refund my money, I said I never asked for a refund. But ok mail me check. He said :we have to remove the program before we can refund. I said :Give me your name and my lawyer will let you know how we can solve this. He hanged up
Dec 4, 2015

Do not trust them with your computer!

I cannot tell you how much trouble I have gone through, thanks to OmniTech. If I could start over before they initially cold called me, I would never, never believe them and would never spend money that is as good as thrown away. I removed their program from my computer and took it to Staples to fix. I spent a fortune and could have purchased a brand new PC for what I spent. I will always trust my local Staples with my PC problems. I have an innate trait of believing the best of people and am so disappointed when taken advantage of.
Oct 21, 2015


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Jul 25, 2015

excellent service for five years but the scammerss

good service for five years but scammers started last year. just hang up the phone. use calling card. omnitech does not phone me with problem offers, but scammers do
Jun 19, 2015

Omni Tech could care less

Called them told them of attempted scam, gave them the phone number. They said there was nothing they could do.
Jun 17, 2015


They are total frauds they took 400 dollars from me and totally messed up my computer and they have called everyday 10 times a day at that for 3 years trying to scam be again
Jun 12, 2015

Very Good Support

Very Good support i received from OmniTech ,...They Rocks
Jun 1, 2015


May 27, 2015

They are just a bunch of hooey!

Don't call them. You'll never get rid of them! Everything people complain about here is true. Don't let them into your computer, not for million!
May 10, 2015

Very organized ripoff

Towel headed Tanduri chicken eating scum bags
May 1, 2015

Omnitech are scammers

They took 800$ + for a 3 year maintenance plan. They called a few months later saying there is something wrong with your computer to give them access to it, they had my account number and everything and then made me stay on the chat line for over 6 hours pretending to be fixing the problem and then said they needed more money, when the plan was supposed to cover me for 3 years. That's when I finally realized that they are creating the problems in my computer on purpose to get more money. I took my non-working computer to a local specialist and they had completely removed Microsoft office and taken other programs as well.
They are definitely scammers, I received the next day a survey from them to rate the quality of their chat. I did not respond as I think it will give them a reason to start harassing like I've seen from the other posts. Do not do any business with these scammers!
Apr 3, 2015

Scam zero stars. Are you kidding me?

After cheating me out of $400 plus and sweet talking American Express they want $60. To be put on their so called no call list. Right, like I trust them at this point. Being kept on phone for 9 hours and bs'ing me -
I'm supposed to believe they ever intend to take me off their list???? They call both me and my husband constantly saying they have detected many viruses. They just want to snoop and steal. Indians giving me bogus American named. Please. They have been harassing us for over2 yrs and apparently there's nothing we can do about it. They use #'s that can't be blocked I really hate them. They lie with their first syrupy words. What can be done ?
Mar 24, 2015

Do not trust this Service - Your info is not secure

Omnitech firewall has been breached and your personal information is being used by scammers in Thailand and probably other places overseas. I am not joking about this.

I purchased a one year antivirus subscription from Omnitech last year that worked pretty well. Last month (Feb 2015) I was contacted by a man who claimed he was in Omnitech billing who went by the name Frank Williams but his actual name is Khangana Utama. Because I had done business with Omnitech before, I felt secure enough to purchase what he said was a lifetime upgrade and hacker protection for $549.99. This man's scam was to pretend to sell and install a faulty upgrade, then a few weeks later, he called me on skype and told me that there was a problem with the software he loaded and that my total purchase price was refunded but I had to get it from Western Union. When I attempted to get my refund from Western Union, it failed, and upon calling Mr Utama back at his number 800.361.4621 he told me that there was a processing fee of $200 that had to be sent by Western Union to Khangana Utama in Pattaya Thailand. This man knew I worked with Omnitech in the past, he knew how long my initial subscription was, he knew my phone number, he knew what services I had initially purchased last year. In other words, he had access to Omnitech Support databases.

Omnitech, YOU are responsible for protecting our information! You FAILED! I suggest you put some resources toward fixing this breach of our trust before these scammers put you out of business.
Mar 24, 2015


Called by 1810 689-9593 saying they were Omnitech support. Supposedly my computer had been invaded by hackers and they needed remote access to my computer. I notified Omnitech and was told to call the FTC. They were of no help to me.
Mar 13, 2015


Mar 8, 2015


Omnitech repairs the computer problems and is just a phone call away.
Also they monitor your computer and checks for viruses.
Feb 25, 2015

You people are idiots. Microsoft is the scammer

OmniTech is not a scammer. Someone posing as OmniTech is the scammer. Nobody can tell you you have anything wrong with your computer without having physical or remote access. Microsoft is trying to put legitimate support companies out of business, so they can charge $400 for virus removal that OmniTech would charge about $125 for. Boycott Microsoft. You don't need their products. Use Apache Open Office (it's free) instead of Microsoft Office. Use Linux instead of Windows. These third-party tech support companies are necessary because Microsoft products (especially IE and Outlook) are full of flaws, are unstable, and are easily exploited.
Feb 23, 2015

This is a scam!!!

Just got another call, I get one at least two a week, trying to scare me into getting security software. If you don't believe me call this number 702.997.2447. They are complete junks! Pease do not full for their scare tactics.
Feb 23, 2015


The two guys calling from the scammers so far they have used two names - John and Martin (with emphasis on the last symbol (ten) Mar-ten. Apparently they do not have your account number and always try to get you to let them into your computer, NO NO Don't. Hang up and call your regular number. They will try to get you to let them signed into your computer. Say it is giving off a signal which is a lie. Best computation is AT&T. They have a program where you pay by the month/ Price is $15 up to 5 items, including ipads, iphone, etc
Feb 15, 2015

omni tech was the best

Omni Tech worked harder on my problem than anyone else in my 51 years of work with computers
Feb 13, 2015

Omnitech support where hacked...and the hackers are calling us with our details.

People do you not understand that there are two companies. One is Omnitech and the others are scammers that have accesses to Omniotech info. They call me every day starting at five am in the morning and another 10 times a day with a blocked number. I am not sure how to stop them and it is the same person each time that sounds as if he is from India. The first few times it happened I call Omnitech and they said I have no problems and that my computer is not reporting an error and will never do so. Right now it is harassment. Anyone has ideas on how to stop them from calling?
As far as the real Omnitech company. They have fixed my problems and the only complaint I have on them is that they are slow.
Feb 5, 2015

OmniTech is being scammed.

There is an OmniTech scam going on by phone, but it's not them! Somehow, someone got my cell phone number, and that I was an OmniTech customer. The scammers called up, claimed they were OmniTech and tried to get me to help them gain access to my computer. I knew it wasn't them when they asked for payment by MoneyGram, rather than take my credit card OmniTech already had.
Feb 3, 2015

TOTAL SCAM Verified by my local and state police

While trying to rid my computer of an ex boyfriend/computer hacker, I paid Omni tech $300+. After a very thorough investigation in a computer crime lab, I was told I made a $300+ mistake. I contacted Omni tech to get a refund only to be repeatedly hung up on/conveniently disconnected. I was willing to take the loss in money, however, I received a phone call today from omni tech, claiming to (6 months later) refund my money. All I had to do was fill out a western union form. Knowing that I got scammed the first time around, I decided to have a little fun. They were logged into my computer with the same Log Me In rescue box, the very same box they originally used. I asked if I could have a moment so that I could transfer the money in my account to a different account not connected to the account I originally used to pay them. The man grew extremely agitated and demanded that I cooperate if I wanted my money back. If you want to do the honorable, reputable thing, simply refund my money to the card you took it from. It's really quite simple. I paid for services that they could not provide (keeping my hacking ex out of my computer) and feel I should be refunded. In fact, I tried to get a refund several times. I tried calling the last working number I had for omni tech and go figure... it's no longer in service. If I was just a regular customer who had a bad experience, that would be one thing. Hearing from the State Police that they are scam artists is completely different. They offer top of the line computer assistance, but when they can't provide it, they fall off the face of the earth. Dont waste your time AND money!! Thanks for absolutely nothing omni tech. Or better yet, thanks for ripping off a single mother living on disability. Yea...that's real reputable. If you would like to clear your name and refund my money, legitimately (not through Western Union) my customer ID is 101344872. I won't hold my breath though.
Jan 18, 2015

Head Hunter Omnitech

I bought two tune ups from Omnitech last year for 249. each. They were able to fix my computer problems effectively, however customer service stinks. For the past month they call daily numerous times saying my computer was infected and showed up on their end. I let them in my computer to check on it for free so I could see what was wrong. The technician wanted me to buy a software package for 167. to 350 in price. When I told him I didn't have the money at this time he got very angry and said he would disable my computer so I couldn't use it. I was horrified and will not deal with this company again. Buyers beware
Jan 16, 2015


really bad service told me i would get software never did not happy one bit
Jan 4, 2015

Excellent job on tune up and printer repair

I had excellent service with Omni Teck Support, unlike other scammers. I have had sammers show me everything that is supposily wrong with my computer. Pay a fee and they work in privacy. Not Omni, They are very transparent. I think they are a great service, a little pricey. It took a long time to clean my computer ahd it works much better. Thank You1
Jan 2, 2015

:: Omnitech Support Response to all 6 complaints of Mr. Dan Scholten- posted on Dec 12, 14 & 16, 2014

We, OmniTech Support, do not scam or rip off. Since we record every keystroke, we can refute bogus or misguided claims. We do a free remote access diagnosis using a trusted 3rd-party diagnostic tool to uncover the root of a problem. We neither can nor will manipulate the results. What it reveals…exists. Some issues are obvious, but in others, the diagnosis may uncover registry errors or malicious software. We neither call nor attract anyone to sign up with us nor do we target unsuspecting consumers.

Some people simply do not fully understand the process of diagnosis and tech support and their complaints can sometimes be witness to that. We do not scam or rip our customers off. We provide quality, affordable technical support, and always try to provide the best services to our customers.

Mr. Dan Scholten Contacted us on December 11, 2014 with an issue “Need to install office suite 2010” and paid $199.99 to purchase and installed the MS Office 2010 and is valid for life time.

While starting working on the issue, customer went offline. Without the presence of customer, we were unable to fix this particular issue as we need to reboot manually and check the issue status before confirming the resolution.

After this, we called several times but were not able to reach him. He also never get back to us to get the issue fix, apart from him sending an email on December 11, 2014. He had informed in the email that he does not want to get connected to us.

We simply do not keep on hold of our valued customers’ money if we were unable to fix the issue or we do not get the chance to work on the issue after repeated try. So, on December 13, 2014 we proactively refunded his full amount of $199.99 back to him as he was not agreeing to work with us anymore. We left a detailed voicemail for the refund and even sent out an email with the refund transaction details. Below is the refund transaction details:

Transaction Approved:
Transaction ID: 2511174910

We want to make one that clear for all that BBB is not meant only for reviewing Omnitech Support. The BBB has their own standardized rating system for it accredited members. Please look at the at the below link once for further clarification:

The timing of when the credit appears on the account is totally up to the Credit card issuing company, not us. Some credit card companies may take several business days before any monies in a refunded transaction appear on the account.

We want to take this as an opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Dan Scholten for his time for confirming the credit received.

We sincerely hope this helps resolve his issues and we certainly hope that he is satisfied with our response and the full refund. We always try to meet our customers' needs and expectations. We always try to maintain our professionalism and our high standard of service, so that every customer can feel confident and secure when doing business with OmniTech Support.

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