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Omni Tech Support Complaints and Reviews

Oct 22, 2014


I had an Adobe problem thought I was calling Adobe call desk. Nope. I got a sales kid who messed with my computer for two hours plus trying to sell my products ranging from $299 to $810. No fix no sale. Stay away.
Oct 15, 2014

Joe Richardson

well joe was helpful and my computer is fixed. ext 508 thanks for the follow up Noah
Oct 15, 2014

John l. Bloom

online support is very professional, courteous and fast. They have always solved my problems ext 508
Oct 15, 2014

Van Thomas

ext 508 Joe has been very helpful. He has done his best to help me. Very Satisfied with him. He is a very nice person.
Oct 15, 2014

James Davis

issue have been resolved , thank you

Oct 15, 2014


As far as I can tell omnitech support did a good job of ridding me of the viruses I had. The people behind the phone could not have been nicer.

Oct 10, 2014

Robert Holmes

Whenever something is not working properly with my computer, OMNITECH SUPPORT is a phone call away. They've always used remot control to fix my problem for a charge of $149.99, which I am assuming is a 1 time charge, as nobody told me anything different.
Oct 2, 2014

Problem with Mac and Outlook

I had a problem with Outlook for Mac with our small business in Sao Paulo. I fell for their advertising and claim that they operated out of Los Angeles. When I began, they assured me that they could fix my problem but I had to pay $249.99 for a maintenance contract which I did. Immediately thereafter they tried to sell me a cloud storage for $940 which I rejected but the first hour they just keep hammering on the fact that I was a Premium Client and needed this service. They cut the price in half and I still rejected it as I have carbonite and told them that I had this. Then they began to fool around with my programs and after 24 hours working with six different technicians, they only succeded in loosing all my data, emails and contacts. After two days of trying to resolve this, they told me a supervisor would give me a call. Naturally I never received the call. The experience with these fraudsters is an absolute disaster from which it will be impossible to recover fully. Be careful---very careful
Sep 29, 2014

No.1 Fraud Company

This company is running in the name of C C CUBED SOLUTIONS in India and take engineers to cheat the US people and get money from them by saying threats are found in their computer. C Cubed working for omni tech support which has head quarters at phillipines. My dear friends, please be aware of this culprit company. Don't waste your life.. Please ban these type of fraud companies.. Thay give training for freshers and send back them if they are not upto the expectation if the company.. I request all college people,not to allow them inside your campus for recruitment..
Sep 23, 2014

OMNI Tech Support has poor security

Hackers are able to get OMNI customer phone numbers. They will call a customer with some personal details like sign in date, and scare the customer to allow hackers to control their computers. Phone the OMNI 1 800 number to fix any problems created. Do not pay the hackers anything. Scammed
Sep 18, 2014

There is no cure for stupidity

I don't get this people who complain too much, in my case, I have a complex issue wherein my computer was hacked and I can't get in to my computer and wasn't sure what to do. I used my phone to search for Microsoft support but it took me half a day to find at least an inkling how to get in touch. Finally I decided to go a website that keeps on popping up whenever I run a search for Microsoft support. At first it was Fix Now Support then they directed me to Omnitechsupport, I talked to Andrew and he connected me to a technician and connected me to a technician named Ryan. He explained what happened and what needs to be done. After a couple of negotiations to fix my computer, we settled for $249.99 (w/c is pretty high for me) and he told me that it includes 6 months support and protection. But who would have thought that my computer will be fixed and the best part about it is that they also included a tool where I could connect to a technician any time of the day. Now every time I have a problem with my computer - even simple thing. I use the help icon to get in touch with them and have them fix it. The only regret I have now is I should have opted for their 2yr program. Which in my opinion is a good deal. The money that I invested with them is worth every penny. For all the people who think that this company is a scam, check their website, call BBB. But I guess you're too dumb to figure that out too.
Sep 18, 2014


Back in July 2014, I was referred to Omni Tech Support by MicroSoft. I was extremely upset about the condition of my compuer and Omni Tech Support relieved all of my worries with a way to pay for my fees. Thank you Omni and Staff!
Sep 17, 2014

OmniTech Support's Response:: TO:: HARASSING PHONE CALLS on Aug 24, 2014.

First and foremost, the call this person received was certainly not from OmniTech Support. It was a scam call. It was not us. We simply don’t call people and tell them to update anything in their computer.

It sounds like someone was trying to scam these people with these calls. This is a scam that has intensified recently whereby scammers, claiming to be from Microsoft or a Top-Tier tech support firm (Like OmniTech Support is) and saying that her computer was infected and that the only way to prevent a system crash is to buy tech support from them. That’s the scam. No one can specifically diagnose a computer issue unless the computer is in their physical possession or that they are remotely connected to it.

These tech support scam calls that are making the rounds recently are from unscrupulous companies and individuals, who are calling people claiming that their computer is infected with numerous viruses and that the only way to prevent their computer from fatally crashing is to subscribe to their tech support services, so they can remove the threats. Sometimes, to lend credibility to their scam, they claim to be representatives of a leading tech support company, like we are. We are a top ten tech support firm.

This is a well-known scam that has intensified recently. Absolutely no one can tell if a computer needs an update, unless they have direct access to the computer. If someone calls with this claim, people should just hang up. This tech support scam that is making the rounds recently are from unscrupulous companies and individuals, that are calling people claiming that their computer is infected with numerous viruses and that the only way to prevent their computer from fatally crashing is to subscribe to their tech support services, so they can remove the threats. Sometimes, to lend credibility to their scam, they claim to be representatives of a leading tech support company, like we are. We are a top ten tech support firm.

We never cold call anyone. A legitimate remote tech support company, however, needs to use, with the customer’s permission, a remote access tool like Team Viewer or “LogMeIn” in order to connect with the customer’s computer to diagnose issues and fix software and/or remove malicious files. That’s the only way they can. These tools are totally transparent, however, as the customer can see every step that the technician is taking. The techs are trying to fix software; they don’t need physical possession of the computer to fix it. Physical possession of the computer is necessary to fix hardware-related issues. Remote access cannot fix hardware issues.

So, if anyone cold-calls you and wants to install Team Viewer or “LogMeIn”, hang up.

In this instance, the complainer hasn’t revealed any details with which we can use to determine if this person is actually our customer in the first place, or a competitor who cannot match our quality and pricing who is trying to malign us. We invite this person to provide some more details like, date of supposedly contacting us, the customer ID they was given, or his email address, so that we can investigate further into this particular case. On this alleged situation we are unable to comment anything. We provide quality, affordable technical support, and always try to provide the best services to our customers. We have earned and maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which tells about our success story and trustworthy service at any point of time. We are a large online support organization and we are managing our business from all over the world and we are headquartered in Los Angeles.
Sep 17, 2014

OmniTech Support's Response::: To::: Yup, if something seems sketchy, it probaby is! on August 24, 2014

As these allegations are posted anonymously, unfortunately we are not in a position to offer any comments as to what actually transpired. However, we can equivocally state that this person is mistaken. Microsoft never directs anyone to us. They don’t direct anyone to any third-party. If anyone wants to contact Microsoft support directly, they should go to the Microsoft support site ( We are OmniTech Support, an independent global Tech Support organization which has been running successfully with pride and passion more than 12 years.

Also, this person was not talking with OmniTech Support. We suspect that this person may have been the target of an attempted scam by someone posing as an OmniTech Support agent. No one can determine or claim that there are infections on a computer without having physical or remote access to it and running a diagnosis on it. So, it is backwards and an obvious scam if someone says the computer is infected and then wants remote access! If anyone gets a call from anyone saying that their computer is infected, hang up. To lend credibility to their scam, these scammers say they are from Microsoft or a Top-Tier tech support firm (like us). The really clever scammers may even spoof (creating a false display) a legitimate company’s phone number.

Suffice it to say, we provide cost-effective support to thousands of satisfied customers a day with the help of hundreds of professional Microsoft certified technicians. We provide quality, affordable technical support, and always try to provide the best services to our customers. As always, we are here to assist people who truly need our experienced technician’s help regarding their any software related-issues at any time, day or night. That’s why we have earned and maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which tells about our success story and trustworthy service at any point of time

In this instance, the complainer hasn’t revealed any details with which we can use to determine if this person is actually our customer in the first place, or a competitor who cannot match our quality and pricing who is trying to malign us. We invite this person to provide some more details like his/her email address and on what date he/she came in to us for help. If the customer can re-contact us, then we can research his/her concern. In that way, we can fill him/her in on what the issue was.

(Delay post)
Sep 16, 2014


Omnitech works and connect with the US peoples with help of an INDIAN TECH SUPPORT company Named CCUBED SOLUTIONS and this OMNITECH is not a AUTHORIZED MICROSOFT TECH SUPPORT...the omnitech cheats all the US peoples ...they over charge their affordable service plan...$199.99 for 12 months they normally cheats the US peoples by charging higher rates that is $399.99 for 12 months and some times the piching may vary according to the cleverness of the US peoples they even charge $800 to $1500 for those customers who were not aware about the usage of the computer......All the OMNITECH technicians use a Tool called ASO(advance system optimizer) this applications once installed in the customers computers ruins the customers computer and creates 1000 of virus infections in their computer and make the US people believe that their computer is really infected by virus but actually this is a SCAM..they cheats all the US peoples in the same way once they get connected to them in the chat sessions..... I am one of the technician who worked for OMNITECH from INDIA .... please for all the US peoples who reads this POST.... please get a complete refund from OMNITECH support if you have paid or signed up for a service plan with them and file a complaing with BBB to protects all the US peoples from this OMNITECH SCAMMERS
Sep 12, 2014

Martha Culbertson ext508

joe was very helpful and he took care of my desktop wallpaper , my freezing on my compute an the fading in nd out of ech website. i thank that joe took v goodcare o me and my cmputer and i f the problm olvingthat hasee done. cannot at thi ime thank of anytig that nds to be takecae of for me

Joe did an excellent job and kept me in touch about anything that was questionable. Deleted all unnesscary files and explaind acordingly. Over all very pleased with his service and performance.
Sep 12, 2014

lloyed dean ext508

Joe did an excellent job and kept me in touch about anythyng that was questionable. Deleted all unnesseary files and explain acordingly. over all very pleased with his service and performance.
Sep 12, 2014

keep away from omni tech

On Sept 7,2014 In good faith I called omintech support to fix my laptop. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE MISTAKE !!!! After $349.99 charge per Eva Tech 53 that her techs could and would fix my problem. They will do a complete fix,full verison of advanced system optimizer, 5g3 cloud back up, virus protections, and windows 8, they did install bitfinder, and a icon of omintech callme. on the phone for 11hrs ( from 12:45pm to 12:10am) with tech 53 Eva, tech 114 Laura, Brian, Edward,Trevor, missing the whole day Sunday,a birthday party, had no lunch no supper , plus they had to use my desktop to get into the labtop , tech 114 missed up my yahoo, which they gave me a toll free number to call to get it fix which I was on waiting due to high call volume for 45min on cell,finally hung up, called yahoo Monday morning finally got someone ,they fixed my problem in 10mins. BUT my laptop still was not working Monday morning. I called my manufactor of the laptop explained to them what went on, they agreed to to due a diagnostic with no charge to make sure it was not the laptop itself was bad, only to find that omintech was in my networking and they are heckers. That the reason my computer wasn't working was omintech was holding my computer hostage in hopes that I would called them back to get more money out of me to fix it./ I called my credit card company explained what was going on put the charge in dispute. On Tuesday had laptop looked at it is going to cost $200.00 to fix what omintech did to it. They did remove the icon, bitfinder found out windows 8 never was installed, was informed need to have laptop cleaned out reloaded like it was just from the manufactory . I called the bbb in Ohio , they gave me name of company owner,number, address to omintech, got on line on desktop with the bbb in California and behold all the horrible stories of this company screwing other computers, ripping off the elderly, not fixing the problem but making a bigger mess, and one report that a person stated his savings was taken, Finding out they are heckers. I called our local police department made a report , called my inter service company, my iphone company , bank the credit card company canceled this card ,gave the my # for the police report called the bbb in ohio which I had to report this to the bbb in california. I did get a hold fo Cindy at corp she stated she received the letter from my credit card company on the dispute for the fee I was charged, I told her I knew he company was heckers, that i made a police report and they need to get out of my network. Cindy assured me that they are not in the network, I did explain I have a good friend that is FBI and I would have this looked into if I have any problems. Cindy Assured me there would not be any problems and if I had any questions that I could call her, she gave me her ext but I did have a question called her back , the man that answered stated thay Cindy would not talk to me due to the fact that they are credting my credit card co. and this was closed. I explained to the man that Cindy gave me her ext and if I had any questions to call her , we did argue for a few minutes Cindy finally came back on the phone explained that it is going to cost $200 to fix this problem that the techs created and asked if they would pay for it. Cindy stated she would review with her supervisor, Domionic and PROMISED that she would call me back tonight Sept 11,2014 within 45 to 50mins that was at 6pm EST, and 3pm california time and here it is 10:30pm EST in Ohio and no phone call. IMAGE THAT!!!!!! Sept 11,2014 and still not laptop... I hope this is read along with others that have written about this company before they use them. I also hope the bbb does more investigating into this company . I will continue with the bbb on this till I know they will not do this to anyone any more!!!
Sep 9, 2014

Scammed and computer locked up

I received a call and stated they were from Omintec and needed me to give them control to run a check. Since we do have Omni Tec I allowed it , but got suspicious when he said it would take a while so I could go do something else and he would call when finished.
I watched and he went to a foreign site and clicked on purchase to buy an I pad. I quickly shut down my computer. He of corse called back and did for several days.
I contacted Omni Tec and they told me that these people were scammers and they would fix my problem but since my computer is now locked up they can't.
Not happy with Omni Tec.
Sep 9, 2014

I almost got scammed tonight

Microsoft .com told me to contact OMNI!!!!!!!

They insisted on $249 to fix a bug which blocked my e-mail. When I complained, they cut it to $139. I refused and they pressured me 5 different times telling me the bug would infect all applications in my computer.

I still refused.

When I returned to my computer, I saw the problem was fixed.

Why can't somebody stop them???
Sep 5, 2014

Total failure

Had a problem activating my Microsoft. Tried to find help, got directed to Omnitech. They requested remote control access on my laptop and the tech said that I got missing security addon, security patches and missing updates on my computer because it was brand new and that the manufacturer will not perform all that tasks. I got suspicious cause I got no reminders or prompt that I need to do all those things when I set up my laptop. It was only 5days old. But I still kept on talking to the tech. I asked how to perform all that task so that next time I can do it myself. They kept on sprouting the same lines over and over again like I don't need to do anything on my end, that they will do all the work and that the manufacturer does not perform all that tasks, all that kind of bullshit. Then they dropped the sales pitch on me, that I would need to pay 249.99 so they can fix it. I said that it was too much. Then I looked omnitech online, saw some disturbing reviews so I did not want to test my luck and declined the offer and disconnected their access to my laptop. Reset my PC and hope that they did not do anything in it. Gonna have my laptop check for any suspicious programs.
Sep 5, 2014


These people DO NOT work for Microsoft, and all I had was a simple question about an email. It turned into an awful ordeal, they had COMPLETE remote access to my PC, and could not answer any of my questions. In the end they wanted $249.99 for a problem that my husband could have fixed. DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER! THEY HAVE OFF-SHORE ACCOUNTS. Call their 1-800- 966-9940 listed above trying to defend themselves. THEY ARE THIEVES. SCAMMERS. CHEATS. LIARS. DO NOT TRUST THEM! If you truly get Microsoft, they should handle your problem. PS They claim they are in Los Angeles, Ca., for anyone who wants to sue their sorry -sses! DONT LET ANYONE CONVINCE YOU THEY ARE LEGITIMATE. THEY LIE...
Sep 5, 2014

Omnitech poser alert

I've been scammed by someone claiming to be from Omnitech Support, which for all I know they may be.
Some months a supposed Omnitech person called me to say my PC was sending alterts about hacks, which the tech did a remote scan for and found three. I then purchased the anti-hacker software offered. Several months later I got a similar call, let the tech do the remote scan, same result, so he offered me anit-hacker software. When I asked why I'd need to buy what I already had, and explained the previous call, he said his was the first call about the problem.
I ended the call and thought that was that, but back on Aug 25 I got another call, supposedly from Omnitech, saying they were sending me a refund for the software, as it hadn't worked; he said he had to send the money through Paypay, and that Paypal has a minimum of $2000, so he sent S2500, and set up a Xoom page for me to send back the extra $200, and provided the bank info and such like--a bank in India--so I got that done, and was told my $500 refund would be available in 48 hrs. The next day the guy called back saying they, Omnitech, had accidentally sent $3000 to my Paypal account, which I would have to send back, via Xoom, to get my $500--actually he said I could keep an additional $500 for my troubles; fearing a scam, I called Xoom and let them know what was going on; they asked if all this invoved a refund, which I said was the case, and they told me this was a typical scam. So I stopped dealing with the 'Omnitech' fellow, who, before I could turn my PC off, set it up to require to a code to start up.
I contacted the dealer, Dell, who sent me out a restore disc, but after working with one of their techs for four hours the darn thing still wouldn't load, so Dell provided a new hard drive. I then discovered that the supposed Omnitech guys had taken everything out of my savings account, and my bank says there's no way to get my money back, so now I'm going to have to sell my house. Almost as bad, these 'Omnitech' guys just keep calling and calling.
But anyway, the gist is, I was scammed either by a group posing as Omnitech, or a rogue group within the company.
Sep 3, 2014

Ty Guy

I have never had any problems with Omni Tech. I have been dealing with them for a couple of years. They even assisted me financially by allowing me to call the shots on a payment plan that was to my liking. Their tech support is O.K. with me. I have run across people on line claiming to be Omni Tech. Don't get it twisted people.
Sep 3, 2014

Jerome Eastman

I recently had a situation where I could not access my emails and my computer was running very slow. I took it to my regular tech support guys and they kept it for three days. I had to beg they to finish and give it back. When I did get it back the same problems were still there. I called Microsoft to see if the problem could be in the software. Omni Tech Support offered to address the problem and once they had taken over the computer remotely, they were able to fix it in less than three hours. In the process the tech was able to solve several other issues and now my computer works faster and cleaner.
Sep 3, 2014

Saved my computer

I had scammers hit me up and after calling Microsoft they sent me to Omni Tech for help. 7 hours and 3 techs later my computer is as good as new. I could not believe a 20 minute conversation with scammers could cause so much damage.
Sep 3, 2014

Super Job

I allowed scammers over the phone to have access to my computer. BIG BIG MISTAKE! They were not from Omni Tech as they stated and hacked my computer and messed it up awful bad. Thanks to Omni Tech support they fixed both my computers and got me up and running again. Taught me a great lesson. I am still getting scam calls and turning them into Omni Tech each time. I hate that this happened and like I said, I learned a very valuable lesson. Thanks again to the super job from Omni Tech Technicians.
Sep 3, 2014

Timely help

I couldn't send or receive e-mails for days. Old e-mails frozen in time with no new additions. OmniTech spent almost 4 hours as it was in bad shape and now working fine -- extension 508. I know whenever something happens I can contact them and they'll help immediately.
Sep 3, 2014

omni tech support

Someone called Me saying they were from Microsoft and needed to connect to my computer remotely to fix spyware so I did.....big mistake...,,my computer was frozen for 4 days so I decided to call Microsoft where I found out those people were imposters putting spyware on....the true omni tech support team then cleaned all spyware from computer free of charge. I then paid them a nominal fee for support for a certain period of time to make sure these imposters didn't return. This support team is awesome. ....the person I spoke with was at ext 508
Sep 2, 2014

Very Satisfied

I have used this service for over two years. Outside of understanding a technician occasionally, I am very satisfied with their service. Every time I contact them about a problem, they have been able to correct it. In addition, they have installed free of charge a number of programs. Also, every Sunday night at 10 p.m. with my continued permission, they take over my computer and Optomize it. I have recommended their service to friends.

Ennis Bisbano 88

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