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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Aug 18, 2014

JTFOXX Manipulative and disgusting

To be honest I am really open-minded towards self-development and like to give everyone a good shot, I truly believe there are a lot of people out there who actually want to help you. Unfortunately JT Foxx is not one of them, he is out for your money and believe me he won't stop until he gets it, using an enormous amount of manipulation during his sessions (I went to his seminar in Amsterdam).

It left me with a really bad taste afterwards. His course is primarily a sales pitch in which he continuously spikes your emotions, you get a questionaire which is supposed to lead to a so called blueprint. Actually the questionnaire is used to select the people that have 'Money to spend' or in other words who they can scam. At the end of his sales pitch when nobody decided to go for the 15k JT Foxx experience, his real nature started to come to the surface. He started mentioning unrealated stories, such as the flight MH17 in which more than 200 people died in an enormous tragic accident.

Using this to transition to his, so you should take action now....part, left me with vomting tendencies afterwards. I could not believe what I was hearing, especially being Dutch. How dare he use such an event to sell his products, it's a complete disgrace! Which left me with no other option than to take my time to write this review and to WARN PEOPLE that this guy will cross any moral border to get his money. The sad thing is that he makes you believe that he cares, but it's a complete act. Just like all his collegues are, full of shit! PEOPLE I AM NOT here to bash the guy, just to tell you the truth, go check his youtube, website and credentials and ask yourself the question is this guy really the number 1 business coach...the numbers just don't add up.
Jul 10, 2014

JT saved my business

Mr. Foxx, thank you for saving my business. Your coached just tripled our business. Don't listen to the haters because there are thousands of people who support you. Only people who can;t do hate. I am a real life testimonial.

Ron Francis
Jul 10, 2014

I am JT's Business Partner

I have been JT's business partner for about 4 years now and everything he has ever said he was going to do, he has. He operates under loyalty, relationship and results. He is the real deal. Clearly the haters love to hate. Let them because it just motivates him to do even better. Rather than being negative focus on your business.

Jun 20, 2014


For those of you morons posting damaging fake reviews about hard working decent people you ought to know who owns this site. HE IS A FRAUD and has been convicted and serve terms in prison total 8 years. His name is KIRILL VIKTOROVICH, FAKE ADDRESS: KASTANAEVSKAYA 53 - 193, Moskva, Russia. A look at his address suggest he occupies 140 houses. Try calling his telephone number: 007 926 900 5864. So you idiots posting here think again before doing this because your lives all damaged. YOU ARE ALL BUYING INTO A SCAM BY SCAM GROUP WHO ARE SCAM.
Jun 18, 2014

Total Scam

JT Foxx is the biggest layer I ever met. Stay ways!!!! ALL his past partners can tell you more...
Jun 11, 2014

About JTFoxx

So one of you guys saying, JT got sued and he didn't do well in business and all of a sudden he got famous??? Are you kidding me? You idiot, how can one become famous and rich and successful when they are being sued and they are not doing well in business world? Get yourself a life you hater. JT doesn't even know me but I'm truly impressed by his coaching and his approach. Thanks!
Jun 11, 2014


6 month I was a man without a business and a boring job. 6 months because of the amazing coaching JT and his organization have given me I have 4 property deals and TODAY I JUST QUIT MY JOB. There are so many haters on this site but I decided to come on and tell the people the real truth, not be a competitor or hide behind a fake name. I am real and my results are real.

Ed Grogaris
Jun 8, 2014


Thank you JT for the amazing coaching you give us. You are the real deal!
Jun 8, 2014

Attorney Review of JT Foxx

I am an attorney in the UK and was skeptical of JT Foxx but after talking to his attorneys and seeing the proof and talking to so many highly successful entrepreneurs I have no doubt he is the real deal. My whole office is being coached by his team and after the first 45 days the transformational change are life changing.
Jun 8, 2014

JT's Coaching Tripled my business

WOW, I love when people who don't take action hate. I have been in JT's coaching for 12 month now and I was making 112K and over the past 12 months I have made just shy 423K. I have been to over 9 events and meet so many successful entrepreneurs who are in JT's coaching program and so many success stories. When someone can't do something themselves, that means that they can't do it. Take action, take responsibility and stop blaming JT who was not even at the event. The biggest withdrawal to success is fear, and rather than taking action, it's easier just to blame others. If it was not for JT I would not be making 423K which puts me in the top1% income earning. THANK YOU JT AND YOUR COACHING.
Jun 1, 2014

scam !!!

I just attended a free seminar with them. I thought it was great, but now I am reading the notes I took... and it is BS.
I thought i would need their coaching services, signed the contrat for a $14k!!! The day after, I retracted. Good thing that I did not gave them my credit card number : within 16 hours of time, I have 12 missed calls from them...
It is a scam, they make you believe you need their service. I signed for a 14,000 $ package !!! I still can't believe it !!!
Don't loose your mind with these guys and don't leave them your credit card number.
Jun 1, 2014

scam, scamers, these are the key words they invested in

Went to the zurich seminar too... Extremely decieving and bizarre. All the time you feel something is going wrong (seminar, fake mastermind, etc). Back to home, I felt really wierd about them, so I googled this :
- jt foxx business coaching : results are so poor that they don't appear on the 10th page, i haven't been further. The thing is that they claim being the 1st...
- The most interesting is when you type jt foxx scam... they hugely invested in these key words. It seems they more interested in these subjects than in business. In fact scam is porpbaly their business...
Don't be stupid because if you are the right pigeon, they will ask you huge amount of money.
May 31, 2014

Scam, Forget about it

Poor content, fake net working, name dropping, wiling to impress and intimidating you. Assessment/masstermind dinner with a restricted number of attendees whith interesting annual income (they make you fill à form to havé these information). Second day: emotional manipulation to prepare to spend you money... And, this is not à surprise: forced sale of their coaching packages($8k to 65k for the Zurich event!)
Don t let the manipulate you, and spend your money thé way you want, not they want...
Mar 18, 2014



Your very bright smart man~~~

However, if you want to continue your fame and prosper business stop attacking your friends and clients. I am still waiting for your check of NON_ PERFORMING SEMINAR you never deliver last year. I heard you have not returned the money of your clients including your coaching clients. Money ranges from 5k - 100K+ . JT I know you rub elbows with high flyers so, please return all the non-performing money to your clients so, you can go your way and your clients can their way as it meant. NO harm to each other.

I notice many of your clients are including you on their prayer for you get better and prosper... Please do not turn them down.

We wants you to prosper and be a successful business person. order for you to do that, Please return all the Money of your clients that you have not performed and not deliver...
Mar 8, 2014

JT Foxx - The Real Deal

I never knew who JT Foxx was before we met him in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I second ALL the positive things that was said about him here.

What I want to say to all the haters and jealous people here - by implying JT Foxx is a scam, you are implying that all his personal coaches are also scam artists!

Just browse the internet to see who these coaches are! They are all Very high profile Americans who will NEVER risk their personal and professional reputations to associate with a scam artist.

JT Foxx, I really look forward to be coached by you in future!

You rock!

Fritz Coetzer
Port Elizabeth
South Africa
Mar 7, 2014

.You have changed my life...

.You have changed my life...

JT has delivered on every thing he has ever said to me. I have been not only blessed by his teachings, but my life is changing because of what he teaches. He has returned every email and phone call personally. I am totally impressed by how important every student is to him. He truly cares about us as people. I am proud to call him my mentor and more importantly, my friend. Ill never stop learning now, you have changed my life, and more importantly, my family's life.
Mar 7, 2014

Finally a Real Guru

Wow, I am sitting with JT at his event and reading some of these outrageous lies from competitors or haters who rather finding a way to change the world they want to try and make up stories. JT is on the media almost everyday with real stories of success like me. Unlike the other guru's he actually owns real businesses and doesn't live off books and tapes. Losers will always be losers. I bought every guru course out there and it was JT who made me a millionaire and unlike other fake testimonials I can prove mine and I have. Thank you JT, you are my hero and I know so many other success success stories.

Feb 27, 2014

JT Foxx.. Another great seminar

I was fortunate to attend the seminar in Durban. JT and his coaches were super. Everything I heard sounded like common knowledge yet so many people did not think or interpret it until explained in detail.. I definately learnt a lot and the seminar was free. Going back for day 2 tommoro.. Keep up the great work JT and team
Feb 5, 2014


I too have lost a load of money to JT Foxx they are not professional when `i asked for my money back they told me how they had done everything and `i was at fault....My point is that any company that is professional would refund a customer that does not want to do business with them.....Its a ****...at this cost you just need to sign up 10 people and you have your first million... dont do it........ stay away...we are going to the media with this ****... JT Foxx a joke
Feb 1, 2014

JT Foxx Cape Town South Africa 2014

I've been in business for 16 years, and I wished I had this info. sooner. This info. is spot on value. Thank you JT and your team. You give me real value, even though it didn't even cost me any money. I was part of the audience at Cape Town, South Africa 2014. JT Foxx business model.

Jan Venter
Jan 20, 2014

JT FOXX London 16th and 17th

The words are Courage’s, brilliant, God gifted and extremely kind and conscious. If he tutor he was my lecture, I would definitely get my first class degree.
Knowing the subject you teaching is knowledge but knowing to inject that knowledge to your learner’s brain is an art and art required specific techniques, determination and you must be gifted.
JT Foxx he is gifted, kind, and passionate about people development, and this the world we live in today there are not too many people like.

Manal Ibrahim
Jan 12, 2014

Yes MR. FOXX is the BEST

I want to thank JT for the transformational turnaround coaching he did, on how I approached my business. It was incredible how JT, in less than 2.5 hours, came up with a completely new and consistent business model, branding and positioning. I felt the speed of his thinking!
JT clearly put me out of my comfort zone. He confronted me with everything I hung on to that was not beneficial for my further growth. JT introduced a new mindset, and even more importantly, showed me how to work better in today's fast-changing economy.
JT's style is direct and doesn't cut corners. I like that about him. He's radically honest and leaves no stone unturned. JT created branding that is totally international and local, online and offline. The way the pieces fit together is pure genius. No wonder JT is known as the best business coach in the world and a business genius.
This is an experience I feel is a cornerstone in my entrepreneurial career.
Thanks to JT for coming to Belgium, traveling and taking the time, effort, and dedication, to give his all in this beautiful co-creative experience.
JT, you're the best!

W. Van Cleemput,
The European Business Guru
Jan 12, 2014

More Lies... JT way bigger than Raymond

It's funny Raymond Aaron is now affiliated with Meir. Raymond Aaron will most likely start teaching Scientology at this events. Everyone knows Meir Screwed JT, and now Raymond is blaming JT for the worst 2 years of his life when JT is not even coaching him. These post are most likely from Meir's BRAINWASHED people. Raymond Aaron is a stupid old man who pushes his book program, when he himself now claims to be broke. JT re-invented Raymond and without him he would be out of business. People have no loyalty. I have zero respect for Meir and now I have even less for Raymond who betrayed JT. The fact this person below wrote his review on Christmas shows how much of a loser they are and have nothing else better to do.

Chancey (Yes I am a real person and don't hide behind fake people and names)
Dec 25, 2013

Insider reveals all

After reading the Raymond Aaron's report on JT Foxx if you still foolishly want to spend money on JT Foxx 'coaching' then you might as well write him an open check to empty out your bank account.

Dec 25, 2013

Raymond Aaron on JT Foxx

This was written about JT Foxx by Raymond Aaron on Facebook for all to read: JT Foxx and I were not only friends, but BEST friends and he was my coach (Aaron has been instrumental in putting JT on his throne). However, you are wrong -- I did not hire Meir as my coach or in any capacity (Meir allegedly stole JT method of doing business). Also you didn't ask the best question -- why not ask how I benefitted from JT's coaching. The answer is that since being partners with JT and since being coached by him, I had by far the two worst years of my 30-year career.......

I think it it sums up Justin T Gorenko (alias JT Foxx) as the con artist he truly is.
Dec 15, 2013

The famous are not Gods, they are successful humans

I recently attended a seminar in London with JT Foxx. I had didn't know who he was or anything about him. The first thing I noticed when he ran to the stage is his charisma and intelligence. He is funny, he speaks fast and if you listen closely, every so often he comes up with absolute gems of advice. He spoke for most of the two days seminar. There are a lot of things he said that were brilliant - My favorite people and heroes are geniuses and the best part about them is that they are also flawed. That makes them human. The best people are always the ones who learn from their mistakes and grow and change. Integrity is a learned trait. People who don't make mistakes haven't lived.
I did the maths: there is no way the cost of a coach, no matter how brilliant, can be absorbed into my annual income or be relevant to my five year plan. However, I suspect that the coaching would be very useful for anyone working on deals with high return and high turnaround.
Anyone who put their actual income into the questionnaire without realizing the purpose of it is not a victim, they are idiots and I have no idea how they survive.
I took from the seminar the parts I found relevant and left the rest, like any other learning opportunity. Teachers are not superhuman gods, they are just teachers.
And what is this constant issue with his name? JT are perfectly valid initials used for branding business purposes. Does anyone actually think that even half the famous people we know would be famous today if they used their real names, let alone their full names??
JT Foxx is a very clever brand name. I had a great time at his seminar. I learned a lot and found him very kind, engaging and full of intelligent concepts. 100% worth my while.
Nov 16, 2013

WOW- amazing!!! But I was skeptical too!

WOW! reading the posts on pros and cons about JT and I'm amazed how people have time to waste... I was sceptical too, being and international speaker myself and coach, but I went there for the first time in June 2013, just to check it out, and I was impressed. So much quality people in the room and on stage, who are clients and have tremendous results. I finally signed for the coaching program and can say I'm not disappointed at all! Yes coaching, if you don't put your efforts into it and work your A%$ off, you will never create results.

Up until now, JT had delivered what he had promised.... He is filling rooms like nobody else in the industry, over and over again, in many Countries, and his business is still growing, even here in USA... SO yes, some people hate him (he has a different personality than most people - we just need to deal with it), but I'm amazed how his clients LOVE him..... Amazing people I met through JT's organization and look forward to my remaining coaching sessions and the next Mega Partnering with Al Pacino as the main speaker.... who do you know who can put such quality people in the same room!!!!!

Go JT Go!
Nadine Lajoie
International speaker / Best-Selling Author / Champion motorcycle racer
Irvine, CA
Nov 8, 2013

JT Foxx Complaints Lawsuit Threats

I just saw this new book that shares actual interactions with JT Foxx.
It's called: JT Foxx Complaints Lawsuit Threats
Form your own impression.
Oct 27, 2013

JT Foxx South African Seminar Fraud

This link says it all

Oct 13, 2013

Oh please!

These reviews are so obviously fake because JT does not personally do anything. He has his so called coaches do it. So I don't believe for one minute that Jt called anyone. The only time he picks up the phone is to try and talk someone out of a refund.

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