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WSI Internet Consulting & Education Complaints and Reviews

Aug 30, 2013

They just took money and did pure website.

I have a small company and recently I decided to set a website. In today’s fast developing world every self-respecting businessman has a website. It helps to trade and communicate with potential clients easily. I set up the goal and found WSI Internet Consulting who promised me to work fast and fulfil the project I kept in my mind. Our company needed a website that would bring us the right kind of internet traffic and give our potential customers the information that they were looking for.
I understood that his marketing will help me to earn more money and that it was reasonable investment. However, when they asked me to pay $2000 I became a little bit suspicious. I don’t think it is a right price for kind of services they provide. I earn money very hard and I can’t allow myself to spend it so easily.
When I asked for a discount they promised to make it and we started working together. The site was ready but it looked horrible. No one will use it and I will lose all my clients. I didn’t thought it is going to be like that, but they just took money and did pure website.
Aug 30, 2013

This company is unusable and useless.

First of all I would like to say that experience that I had with WSI was awful. I would never recommend this company to anyone. I thought that it was my fault for some time but then I realized that WSI Internet Consulting doesn’t know how to perform their duties. We had a consultant working with them when we were first setting up our website and I understood that they can’ help me. Their employees don’t have a clue how to build a website, promote and advertise it. I found this company absolutely useless and I hope they will shut down soon.
I had a really good relationship with everyone at WSI Internet Consulting. I liked these people. They really tried to help me but they didn’t have qualifications. WSI Internet Consulting boss should hire employees more carefully and check their skills. Otherwise, this company will lose all of their clients and will pay compensation to the majority.
I really hope this company will improve and return my respect in the near future. But now this company is unusable and useless. I hope my complaint will help someone.

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