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Captain Marketing Complaints and Reviews

Aug 4, 2015

Black Hat SEO

I fell for their phony evaluation of my website. I signed up and paid for a set up fee. What I paid for I am not sure. After they started SEO my ranking in Google went down.
A local company looked at the links and found them to be black hat. I sell industrial parts washers. One site I was linked to was pure gibberish with my company name inserted. Another was a company that manufactured car wash equipment in Vietnam.
So now I am out $1,000 and way back in Google rankings. I wish I had looked at reviews before I listen spent the money and got nothing but BS. .
Jun 9, 2015


Katie Balinn - [email protected]

Mar 26, 2015

Avoid captain marketing at all cost.

They sold me a web site that was not theirs to sell and got caught. I paid captain marketing for a web site but, 9 months later found out that they stole the code from another company and I lost my site. I was forced to pay another company to rebuild the entire site as captain marketing stole the code and got caught.

After they get your money, they forget you. AVOID CAPTAIN MARKETING at all cost!
Mar 25, 2015

Incompetent and fraudulent

Signed up for the adwords management. Our CPA went from $50 to over $1000. They just made silly ads and made high bids for keywords in our account and lost us money ( and this was during the holiday season when conversion rates are much higher) Stay away from, they are very unresponsive to emails and it is difficult to cancel.
Mar 13, 2015


So sick of these scammers calling me. Day after day, I block their numbers, and still they call, asking to speak to the owner. I finally had enough and told them off only to be almost threatened, like he was going to destroy me for not wanting them to call. What a sick tactic. Who do these people think they are? STAY AWAY!
Mar 10, 2015

This compant is a Fraud

This company has 42 complaints with the BBB. I filed one as well. I clearly understand that this company is a fraud that rips off small business owners. Please have Wendy Allen call me at 1 pm your local time. Yes my complaint will be #43. This company is a fraud that hides behind policies to steal from people! I cancelled my service and yet was still billed the next month. I was told they could not refund my money. This company is a Fraud. Do not do business with them!
Feb 4, 2015

Take the money and run

I see no Increase in standings or Business. The only time I here from them is when they want to sell me something else. I emailed and called to cancel and still haven't herd from them. they SUCK!!!! stay away. I wish those people who is giving 5 stars had names and numbers to see what department of captain Marketing they work for.
Jan 14, 2015


The sales rep and I went over SPECIFICALLY how they were going to build my ranking. two months in, nothing except a bunch of black hat links that had nothing to do with my website. My web traffic decreased as did my sales. One thing did increase - brute force attacks through some of their links.

DO NOT use them.
Oct 29, 2014

Hocus Pocus + Smoke & Mirrors = 0

Sales side of the operation was very effective and convincing.

The 'service' has been TERRIBLE with 3 different staff people pretending to manage my account in 4 months.

Historically I have been dubious about SEO companies - this time I was 'sold' - and fell for it - what a MISTAKE!
Oct 7, 2014


I wasted so much time and money with these BS artists. My rankings were dropping every month, and they were blaming everything and everybody, but it is Captain marketing that is incompetent, uncaring, ignores you, and hurts you. Save your money and frustration, and find a real company to do SEO & PPC. Don't make the same mistake I did.
Sep 27, 2014

Not sure what the fuss is about

I have been working with Captain Marketing for a little over 3 months. It took some time to get things set up and going (they require ftp, fb access, g+ access, etc) Once I got set up, my page and website both saw increases in traffic and activity. I have had people comment on how interesting my posts on my social media are, and i have been showing up in searches recently. (I guess my copyright dates or tags were expired, something like that)

By no means am I #1 in everything, but I am moving slowly through the rankings. The point is to be patient when it comes to SEO/SMO. I was expecting results overnight, but if you give it time, it will work. If you're looking for a quick fix, this may not be the company for you, but if you are willing to give it time, this can be everything you really needed for online marketing.
Aug 27, 2014

Buyer Beware

After a year of throwing away $299 a month and see no results we canceled today. Such a waste of money....frustrating!
Aug 13, 2014

Destroyed our organic ranking on Google

Beware. Captain Marketing did not perform services as advertised. They completely destroyed our organic ranking on Google. We ranked #1 and #2 for organic searches of our top keywords. Now our listings have completely disappeared. They promised to provide status updates, which were totally incomprehensible. They used bogus backlinks, which are a red flag for Google. Finally, they also used keyword cramming, which Google hates. When calling Captain Marketing, it was always more false promises. I have never written a bad review before in my life. But I just had to write this one.

-New World Pro Audio
Jul 13, 2014

Totally Bogus!

I am a Google Engage agency and was scammed by this company. I feel stupid falling for their scam! They only care about getting your $300 a month and nothing else. If you want to get to the top, just tell your competition to use this bogus company! I'm taking them to small claims court, and they will lose with the data I've collected!!!

Stay away!
Jul 1, 2014

stay away - black hat and realy bad service

I just cancelled my service and glad i did before it got worst....they reply late (like a week to emails) the reports you see are so basic its laughable....there is no telling where they get the links.....youll see a jump in your ranking but after a month it all falls down....this means bad linking (black hat tactic).....they charge 299 for one of their packages but they use off shore Indian can do the same for half of that.....gosh why did i ever waster money with this seo company......there are a lot of bad seo companies out there...more bad than good.....take your time and research any you plan to work with.....oh and after a few months my webmaser tools show a 98% drop of traffic and searches totally unrelated words...they have messed up my place on the internet.......not recommended to use this company at all.
Jun 13, 2014


The worst SEO and Marketing company on the EARTH!!
Jun 4, 2014

Keep Charging My Credit Card

As far as markreting goes, this company did nothing special.

As far as continuing to charge my Credit Card - even after I had Cancelled - they are very good at that.

If they do not reverse the charges within 24 hours, I'll be filing several disputed charges.

Do Not Use This Company
May 23, 2014

Big Scam

This company did nothing but take my money.
May 19, 2014

Shady SEO, Crappy Customer Service

In less than a year Captain Marketing's shady SEO tactics crushed my organic / keyword rankings into oblivion. The pitch I received- which was a complete LIE- is that they do not use link farms and instead call the owner/webmaster of each relevant site individually to set up backlinks for your company.

Now, with literally thousands of spammy/blackhat links, I have been removed from google's organic search completely due to unnatural inbound links. When I brought this to my acct mgr's attention (my 2nd in 8 months due to turnover) he blamed google's new algorithm as the cause- never owning up to their shady tactics which have never been considered as okay by google or anyone else.

After several calls, Captain Marketing attempted to remove the bad links (which would be all of them). After 3 months (and still collecting my money)- Captain Marketing failed again and my site is still being punished by Google after a reconsideration request.

Run, don't hide.
May 17, 2014


Well, I finally cancelled my service with Captain Marketing. They do not do what they agree to do, are very difficult to get a response from and will not...WILL NOT...let you out of the 30 day cancellation agreement. No matter that they do not perform as they agree to, YOU WILL PAY. I am glad to be done with them. Paying $299.00 per month is such a scam now that I found out I can host my own site with Go Daddy for waaayyyy less money and heartache. yourself a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
May 12, 2014

Use Of Link Farms Negatively Impacted Ranking

I used Captain Marketing for about a year and a half just to have an
external company keep up with all the google changes so that I can focus
on other business projects. Prior to Captain Marketing we ranked on
page 1 for many of our keywords (~40) and the critical ones were in
position 1-3. As of October 5, 2013 our rankings began to drop and now
none of our keywords rank in the organic search. I am now spending
about 5k a month on PPC and $2,400 on an seo company to fix the issues
created by Captain Marketing. I am doing this to keep from having to
layoff staff. Prior to the drop we spent about 800 a month on PPC and
about 1200 on SEO. During this time I discovered that Captain
Marketing was using link farms in a high number of cases. In one case I
found a place where they created over 300 links. Here are a few sample
link exchange sites all with the same template:

Using a 3rd party tool I found that over 67% of our links they created
were classified as toxic and 32% were suspicious. Prior to hiring them
I probably had a few hundred manually created links and now I have to
spend extra just to clean up the mess they created.

I know they are cheap and they tell you everything you want to hear but please BUYER BEWARE!!
May 12, 2014

Didn`t deliver the hired services

I hired captain marketing for positioning our website, but they failed
miserably, and didn`t even answer my emails at the end. The guarantee
they offer is a scam, and I`m starting a legal process against this
company. Hire captain marketing at your own risk, but be sure that you
can find other companies offering better services at better prices.
May 3, 2014

Bad experience - was #2 on google and now nowhere to be seen

I went from being on the first page on google to not being listed at all. They have used link farms and now I have to try to undo all the poor links that are in place. Take it from me - stay away.
Apr 25, 2014

Ex Employee and I know how they work internally

I worked here a little over a year and had to quit because of how shady they are to there clients and employees. The owner Bruce is nothing but a small business crushing savage that will just drain your bank account and leave you to die. I know this first hand because I've seen him do it. He has over 125 people doing sales and only 25 people doing operations which I'm sure people who have used them in the past will tell you they get no customer service and that is the reason why! They even have a department just for refunds because of how many customers see no results and no service that are promised at the beginning. Well let me just state that they will ruin your company. I PROMOSE YOU THEY WILL. They use free links for the SEO and charge you $299 a month. BUYER BEWARE!
Apr 23, 2014

I've been with them for 2 yrs.

Honestly, we have a strong relationship. I have been very satisfied with the service, that is why we have stayed on for so long. When I started in 2012 we were virtually invisible online. I wont say we haven't had our bumps, specifically last fall, but they have made amends and we are back on track. I really like that they really take responsibility for the account and where it leads. They show ownership and that is very important to me having a 3rd party manage my online marketing. I think it should be important to all business owners.
Apr 22, 2014

They build my Facebook page!

They created a Facebook page for my company that looks really professional and gave me the on-line credibility that I needed to interact with customers and friends.  The Social Media Manager, Shay is real creative, has unique ideas and is fun to work with as well. His team is highly talented as well! I highly recommend Captain Marketing for any on-line exposure that your company absolutely needs to compete in the 21st Century! 
Apr 16, 2014

I had second thoughts...

I got a call from the sales rep and bought into all that was promised. Two days later I found these horrible reviews and i called to get a refund. I was scared, I cant afford to throw away money. However, I spoke to Matt who is handling my account personally and he explained everything they were working on. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the work they had done already. I have decided to give them a try and I am 2 weeks in. I will post an update soon but for now, Matt really deserves a 5 star rating he is really helpful and patient. 
Apr 15, 2014

They build my site!

This review/report is only in reference to their web development dept. I was scrolling through and saw a few negative reports in regards to their marking services. (I don't know if i'll try that, but I'm happy with their work done.)

I bought the domain about 2 months ago, had Captain Marketing begin work about a month and a half ago and it's nearly done. Just reviewed the mock up and it only needs a couple tweaks. I am very impressed with the amount of time it took them to get it done and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a nice, modern and beautiful site done.  
Apr 9, 2014

Their service is great and inexpensive. 

Simply put, it's hard to find a company that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg for online marketing. The internet rules everything now and you have to jump on board or your business gets left behind. I am so happy I came across this company. They have done so much to help improve my Google rankings and my keywords are doing so good. I think like all things and businesses not everything is for everyone. I see some really bad reports on here, & I think some of it can be true but just the same I would like to voice my experience. Still going good and is getting better. No complaints here. 
Apr 3, 2014

Do not use Captain Marketing

They promised not to use bad linking such as black hat and link farms they did and took google rankings and sent them into the toilet. Loosing 10K per month due to these bad linking tactics. Contact me for more info Stay away.

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