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Market Traders Institute (MTI) Complaints and Reviews

Oct 11, 2016


Oct 9, 2016


Hey May 18, 2015.....why give them 5 stars for refunding your money??? It didnt work for you, fair enough, you break even , end of message.
Oct 6, 2016

Maybe it's you..

Marcelo's review really motivated me and made me rethink about 1) teaching myself how to trade through the internet and 2) blaming everyone but yourself. I've never had any interaction with MTI, but i watched Josh's videos online and he really simplifies things, i was impressed. I've learned some valuable stuff. Its a business, and ofcourse they want to make money. You go their on your own accord. So you can't complaon and say you could have learnt the stuff for free. Maybe the issue is you.
Sep 13, 2016

do not worth the money

The student ultimate package is too expensive and most of the course content is basis thing you can learn free by opening one account with $50 in fxcm . they are a bunch of cooker which most of they technique they teach are looser
Aug 26, 2016

I have mixed feelings

While i did learn a bit from their analysis and courses, the money spend after discounts itself is close to US$10000. Now the charts are costing about US$200 per month and cannot afford it. However it is a lifetime membership and Analyst on Demand seems to be working with you. But stay away from upsells because you get almost the same as the previous course.

Now i will need equity to invest in market to be successful, but i have exhausted all my reserves and so in the limbo!

Yes you will be left alone. You don't expect them to follow you unless you keep buying from
Regards Manoj Pillai
Aug 25, 2016

Nothing but a scam

It is nothing but a scam. I found that out in two weeks. I invested $3,000 and they immediately wanted more. I am filing a complaint with FINRA
Aug 20, 2016

Scam? Really?

It's easy to come here and without telling your real name, telling that a company is a scam, but anyways, me as a student, I know it's not a scam, they've changed the way I look at my 9/5 job and be able to see a world out there with freedom that I never expected to achieve. I can be my own boss now, work on my own time and have as many holidays as I want, but it's not an easy path, I fell many times, I was not making money, I was always losing, until I changed my mindset about trading, I started to follow only 2 strategies, watched the mentorships with Chief, learned how to be more disciplined and finally, the pips started to pouring and I became consistent profitable. Success doesn't come that easy, you need to fight for.


Aug 20, 2016


they don't deserve the one star!!!!!!! 100% Scam artist, a few days after getting the course I asked for the 100% guaranteed refund due to an unexpected surgery. They told me to send my Doctors Note to show my surgery and the 100% refund will be sent. Still waiting!!!!! Don't give them the time of day, total waste of time and money. Don't WALK, TURN AND RUN AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!
Aug 19, 2016

MTI Basket Trading Course

I just started the course yesterday and those are the results so far: +354 pips or $525,00 in each account, I have 3 accounts and I traded exactly the same, so 354 pips x = +1062 pips or +$1575.00

That's it, the course has been paid in one single day. This is knowledge on the course taught, from now on, it's just follow the strategy, minimize the losses and let profits run, risk management is paramount for me.

So, as I said before, it's easy to blame others instead of doing a self reflection and realize that perhaps there is something inside you preventing you from being successful, think about it.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) - MTI Basket Trading Course

Aug 16, 2016

MTI changed my life

Wow, first of all, I'm shocked to see so many bad reviews about MTI, first of all, every comment should have a real name, so there it go:

My name is Marcelo and I've been with MTI for over 5 years and to be honest, it's the best choice I've ever done in my life, for the initial 4 years, to be honest, I was not making consistent profits, but the problem was not the courses, the problem was my mindset, my attitude when it comes to trading, how to deal with my emotions, hesitation before entering a trade, exit to early, exit to late, not having a proper trading journal, not trading with proper risk management.

After I decided to change my mindset, my approach to the market and started following one or two strategies taught by MTI, suddenly the pips started to become abundant at a point that I'm averaging +2 to 3K pips a month right now through the past 6 months, I never gave up, Success is not made by a straight line, the path can be quite hard, dark, specially in the beginning.

Before joining MTI, I tried to learn by myself with free material from the Internet, and this was my biggest mistake, because I learned so many bad habits that took me years to get rid of it. Having a mentor and proper education is the best suggestion I can give, thanks MTI on helping going on the right direction of financial freedom.

Success in life doesn't come that easy, don't think that you're going to make money in the first 6 months of any course or following somebody else, do you think a doctor is able to perform a surgery well in 6 months? Do you think an engineer is able to project a building with only 6 months of experience?

The same applies to Forex or anything in life, it takes time, effort, a lot of failure. Let me give another example, I studied German for 3 years and I was the only one to graduate, then my teacher approached me and said: Congratulations, you're the first student to finish the course after 800 students that I had, everybody was complaining about something: Ah the course is very boring, the teacher doesn't help, I don't get it and blah blah.

I've been to the army as well and there I also learned not to give up in anything, I was skinny, short, still was one of the best soldiers in my year.

I know MTI support has room to improvement, as I also had problems with this, but this was not my turning point, my turning point was learn how to be disciplined, follow one or two strategies and that's it, I actually have more than 10 courses and I can say that 5 of them are not good for me, some of them I bought because I was getting 40-70% off, so having too many courses in a short period of time was actually bad for me, but once I took the best of each one, such as FX Chief's Trading Room, UTP packages, Swing Trader Course and watched different analysts presenting the market, I finally started to get. I recently finished a Forex Context in number 8th ( around the world and this year I also became a fund manager.

Those thing don't come easy, you need to fight for it. Blaming the company or the courses is very easy, but why don't you think that perhaps it's YOU that is doing something wrong and do your best to improve and become a better trader/person.
Aug 9, 2016


just a SCAM one of the best they take your money promise a money back 100% guarantee AND never do it.
Aug 9, 2016

Market traders institute

They don't deserve the 1 star, they say its 100% refund. They are a SCAM!!! All they want is to push the programs and take the money! Asked for a refund. Still waiting for the refund.
Jul 9, 2016

Avoid scams at all costs

Avoid them they are a total scam
They are using telemedicine devices to montior clients without consent.
Jun 30, 2016

Con Men, No Knowledge/Experience/Results

High Pressure Salesmen, not traders.
NOT ONE can provide a brokerage statement proving their incredible successes.
Favorable reviews are from paid representatives.
If you get emails from them, mark as SPAM for the rest of your life.
Mar 17, 2016

Great Sales Guys, bad product

I am currently a client of MTI and trying to break the relationship. I heard rumours of their practice especially when it comes to their 100% money back guarantee.
They do have solid systems, but you could find those same systems in news groups, hell, form your own group.
Their patent pending software, ahhhhhh, is great for back testing the data they supply, but in the real world, it leaves a lot to be desired.
If you are flush with cash and are looking at breaking even as a hobby, by their program. However, if you need education, they are the one because they will point out some things of value, but for the most part it is all hype.
Whenever you hear someone claim I AM THE BEST AT FOREX, understand that he doesn't really have a clue who is out there doing forex. Sure, he is better than his minions, if any of his minions were better than him, they would be on the beach earning and not teaching.
They are good if you are a dolt, but if you have a computer and are able to communicate effectively, they are the wrong group for you.

Anyway, I got the package, took a look at it and 2 hours later I compared my current way of conducting business against theirs and we are basically they same. I could have saved myself 6k and just joined a new group or bought a couple trade journals.

As for the money back guarantee, you have to complete their training course and answer questions based on their take on the market, ie they believe the market can ONLY GO UP AND DOWN. NO CONSOLIDATION? Now I need to study their material and provide their answers, not real world answers, as well as attend 10hrs of class which is chalked full of nonsense; one of their trainers was discussing the eur/gbp for 1/2 hour before he realized he was looking at the usd/cad chart.
Feb 25, 2016

Thanks for the Advice

Dear guys,

thx for the reviews, especially the complaints...
thank god I'm too broke to invest in their program..... or anything else!!!
holy c**p, I almost signed up STUPID and DEWY - EYED German as I am...

so once again thanks a lot for preventing me from doing some very big BULL!!!
Feb 21, 2016


They have solid education package. The one important difference in trading is education is not easily converted to money unlike traditional school.
You have to stay the course with them, attend the webinars, take advantage of Forex daily outlook with FX PATHFINDER.
To reduce cost, you don,t have to use their software after 6 months trial, but you need the education and the right mindset.
Feb 5, 2016

The Con Man and His Mentor

This article from Bloomber would be useful to know for all how consider doing anything related with MTI:
Jan 5, 2016


MTI used deceptive advertising tactics on me in my opinion ....the rep. sent me the most recent results of the Chiefs Trading Club which looked very good. The results were basically fabrications to entice me to send them cash. The rep. admitted to me when I asked for a refund that the advertised results of Pips Earned actually included Daily Trading Range numbers where Pips Earned numbers should have been placed. THIS WAS NOT A MISTAKE...this is fraud in my opinion. The Daily Trading Range numbers were placed throughout the most recent trading results....clearly not a mistake. I urge everyone to STAY AWAY FROM MTI... they are aggressive hucksters...and will fabricate trading statistics and use deception to get at your money.
Dec 29, 2015

Na wa oh

This is a bad PR ooo.
Oct 29, 2015

Their motto! We never leave a client behind, what a LIE

I joined MTI in Spring of 2015 and was enthusiatic to learn the trading business. I had been given a discount from their original price and thought I would be set to go. There are a few things I learned the next few months, watching their webinars and sales tactics. Every time you watch a webinar, you can be sure they are trying to sell you their techniques at exhorbitant prices. It never stops. All I can say, do not give out your phone number when asked. I thought I finally got a hang of it and started earning a few pips when the bombshell came in. I was logging on and there was an automatic updating of the software and then I was no longer able to log into the account, even though I had two trades running. I did not know why and called the number given. I was told I had not paid the monthly $199.00 fee that was due after the 6 month trial period. I was shocked. How come I did not know. I was also told that this fee was due since I had received a discount on the price. That was new to me as well. I said I have two trades running and first they said their is nothing they can do about it but then they called me and said to call and they would help me. I am still not able to use the software and all the money I invested with the MTI company (almost $7,000.00) is down the drain. This is not right. I WAS LEFT BEHIND BY THEIR GREED.
Oct 21, 2015



Please read thru my entire opinion. I would like all the readers to trust my opinion

Honest Opinion: MTI = Thieves, robbers scammers and greediest bunch of people on the planet.

Ive been a client of MTI for 4 months. Im an average trader with good amount of experience trading, About MTI, They are so enthusiastic till you join them. Once you are in they forget about you completely. They make more money selling their UTP package then trading themselves. Since day 1 I didnt recieve any support whatsoever. All the MTI's analyst have different view about the market. For ex: Few say eurusd going up and few are against it. As a student I got very confused by their views. All they like to do is promote their course and make money thru it. Dont get trap with their fake promises. You'll be very confused after joining them. Hope you'll make a good decision after reading my thoughts.

Oct 5, 2015

Strange behaviour

I've just attend one of these webinars , I was about to get into it , I'm lucky I was to broke for it and my credit card declined the payment , on the phone the operator asked me for my full credit card number which was strange so that's when I've said I could not give this type of information so he came back with the alternative of a paypal payment but I've read all of your message and thank you god I was luckiest broke guy ever
Sep 28, 2015

Just paid $27.00 for 30 use

After reading all these nightmare review, Im calling first thing Monday morning for a refund, hope I get it. And Im going to ask them to cancel my subscription asap!, They better not try and charge me $147.00 the following month. So tired of these rip offs, wish I had read all these before giving them my credit card number.......thanks everybody for the heads up......
Sep 3, 2015

MTI Student since January 2014

I saw the free webinar and was impressed. My forex trading was horrendous to that point in time and I needed help, so I signed up. Their sales guy was a little pushy which made me hesitant, but I liked the webinar. You get their basic course which gives you all the information needed to make quality living in the forex market. What they don't provide with initial fee, is how to apply all the overwhelming information. Most students flutter and make mistakes and lose money. MTI steps in and offers additional courses and help (at a high price) that show you how to apply the information. They charge annual fees to continue with the charting software, data feeds and other things that can help. That is their business model. The other approach, attend the FXChief's webinars (held twice a week) and he shows how to apply the information. It takes more time to get the knowledge on how to apply everything, but less expensive. I'm just starting to understand this game and make money in the forex market. I expect to quit my job and trade full time within the next 6 months. The information they provide works!! It may be helpful to understand the business model before signing up. The account reps are all salesmen and some of the client webinars are held by salesman/traders. Do you want to make money on the forex? If so, you have to get educated from people that know how to make it work. There are no home run trades and you have to stay dedicated to learn and make it work. Good Luck!
Jul 27, 2015


Utterly ruthless and thick skinned outfit Mti is. Lost money in exchange after a great hassle getting my deposit back in GBP. Took 2 instalments well before they were due, just interested in our public's money. Were chasing me intensively to get on board; once signed up no attention paid for 2 days. Fought for a refund which I received but an $80 short. Going to go EVERYWHERE to advertise them!!
Jun 29, 2015

A recently signed up student

I recently signed up and have had a great experience with MTI. I am taking the Options Course and they have been very good at answering questions in webinars, emails and taking phone calls. I am turning my portfolio around after bad experiences with other services. I was skeptical, but they have proven to be a value to me in a short amount of time. I have not made back the money that I paid for the school, but I have only been with them for two week. All of my option trades are in the green, so I am expecting it to pay off with a full RTI fairly soon. I have reasonable expections, but want to see success quickly. With MTI I believe I will.
Jun 22, 2015

MTI Student

MTI are aggressive in terms of their never ending sales tactics and as a student of their UTP class I can say there is room for improvement in a lot of areas..

BUT you have to stick with it to get the benefit - I did and I am now trading forex full time and it is my only means of income and I have enough profit, for me and my family, to live comfortably (in the UK which is a f'cking expensive country to live in) and we have disposable income and savings - all from FX trading.

I am not an aggressive trader, but I am disciplined, determined and put in a lot of hard work to make the UTP course and the available support from MTI work for me.

Don't expect to get rich quickly, and maybe not everyone is suited to forex trading - read up on the emotional and physiological side of trading to see if your personality matches.
Jun 17, 2015


I signed up for 1 month of market scanner, just testing the system. So far the signals are accurate on the larger timeframes. As with any new system I compared it with Vintage Point and TD AMERITRADE to have triple layer of conformation. My suggest is to work with a qualified broker and papertrade until you have a 70% win ratio. The stops and profit targets on the scan tool are a tremendous benefit. As with any trading start small maybe with$ 10,000 with leverage, which translates to $300 in margin on hold and slowly build into $100,000 or more. The trading is very each to scales up over time. The number one rule is to protect your capital. Develop your own system. In closing look into Norman Hallett, the dicipline trader program, he has excellent programs in areas that can be of great benefit to thoses who want to be an independent trader. Trading is a lonely craft, 75% mental and 25% know how. Hope this helps. regards, jb indiana
May 26, 2015

Honest Opinion: MTI = Thieves, robbers scammers


Please read thru my entire opinion. I would like all the readers to trust my opinion

Honest Opinion: MTI = Thieves, robbers scammers and greediest bunch of people on the planet.

Ive been a client of MTI for 4 months. Im an average trader with good amount of experience trading, About MTI, They are so enthusiastic till you join them. Once you are in they forget about you completely. They make more money selling their UTP package then trading themselves. Since day 1 I didnt recieve any support whatsoever. All the MTI's analyst have different view about the market. For ex: Few say eurusd going up and few are against it. As a student I got very confused by their views. All they like to do is promote their course and make money thru it. Dont get trap with their fake promises. You'll be very confused after joining them. Hope you'll make a good decision after reading my thoughts.


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