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Market Traders Institute (MTI) Complaints and Reviews

Mar 21, 2017


Used some of their add ones after paying a hefty 5,000 for education .This is a company that turns in a profit THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH YOUR PROFIT .It is the ABCD that will help you make a profit. AB ility C onsitancy D iscipline
Mar 18, 2017

MTI fraud

MTI is totally a fraud
The all content can be found into internet,
And what they want to do is sell more courses or others tools. I order my refound 4 weeks
After I started the course in October and until now march 2017 they didn't refound me.
Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro
Mar 14, 2017

Specialist suck

My MTI specialist was Charlie Green, all he eve tried to do was sell me more trading tools that cost thousands of dollars. Never helped me with the course and whenever I tried to get in touch with him if I had a problem, he was always at a meeting.wanted a refund and it took 3 months,no help from him. They all suck, maybe except Josh Martinez.
Mar 2, 2017

their charts don't match reality

I believe it is a scam because their charts do not correlate to reality. One of their latest products is the momentum breakout strategy. It's a red light green light system based on renko bars. After viewing their webinar I spoke with Chris Murphy and asked if each renko brick is the same size as the others. He said they were the same size. I emailed him a picture of a chart from their webinar and also a standard price chart and asked for an explanation why their charts don't correlate to reality. Although many points were roughly similar there were many points that their chart presented misleading information which would make it look like you are winning when in fact you are losing money. Chris sent me several more advertisements to purchase their products but never responded to why their charts don't match reality. During the phone call Chris told me they have contests for writing positive reviews online. The contest winners receive free software. So be wary of positive reviews about them. The attached pictures are GBP/JPY from Dec 22 2016 to Feb 23 2017. Notice the retracement difference at the indicated area where I drew a magenta line. Their chart shows a retracement of 40 pips or less but the real price chart shows a retracement of about 375 pips. I advise anyone to steer clear of these folks.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) - their charts don't match reality Market Traders Institute (MTI) - their charts don't match reality

Feb 24, 2017

Very expensive for what they teach

I was customer of MTI in the years 2006 - 07. honestly the education that I was given, it can be found for free in other places. Its program is very expensive for a basic training.
For me it was not worth it, I keep trading forex and what I learned from them was not much for all the money they charge.
It can be hard but the truth is that no one is going to give you, your work strategy even so paying. They only teach general market theory which with a little effort you can learn for free or at low cost.
Good luck to everyone
Feb 14, 2017

Fantastic Education

I have tried to learn forex trading on my own with disastrous results. I didn't know how little I knew about market trading until I got involved with Market Traders Institute. Their education packages are amazing - I have never had soo much education available to me in one package - and it is always going on. You can watch and learn as much or as little as you want. But it is not cheap. And they are a company - working to make profit like every other company in the world. They offer all kinds of products all the time, but I have never once gotten a phone call to pressure me to buy. It is offered, and I love the fact that it is my choice if I want to be contacted to purchase anything. I believe many of the people on this site are not happy because they purchased their products thinking it would be an investment for easy money. The one thing I have learnt about the markets is that there is NO easy money. You need to be educated, dedicated and controlled to be able to make money in the forex markets. And I have not seen anything else on the market that offers as much training and opportunity as Market Traders Institute can offer. I can't say enough about how great their products are - the best education for market trading ever. Just don't buy it unless you are serious and dedicated to learning how to trade properly.
Feb 14, 2017

No FREE Scholarship AND Didnt Qualify for 100% Satisfaction Gurantee

I joined after a demo of a fib tool and right at the end of the presentation was the sell of their training which included the indicator and of course how to use it.

I am not commenting upon the quality or suitability of the training or there platform. It was NOT suitable for MT4 and I couldn't afford their $250/mo platform fee which is why I asked the MT4 question.

I couldn't afford their course but they offered at the end FREE Scholarship so thought well give it a go. The man who called said I had to electronically sign about 4 or 5 forms so I did. but like an idiot I gave my CC info and they charged - by then I had forgotten why I was doing this (I have been depressed since my mother died a few months before) Any way after about another 4 hours of calls and email exchanges and him telling e to hit all the buttons I got access. It was a USA holiday (2 Sept 2016) so it had to be done that night and I had to return to London but over the weekend I discovered that their indicators DO NOT work on MT4 so I asked for a full refund - but they said they will only give 50%

I was told that the demonstrated autofib tool would work on MT4 charting platform - they said yes but Knew what I meant but they meant that their platform connects to brokers who provide MT4 so they can give wrong answers and pretend that the buyer understands what they mean. This is deceitful in my book.

They refused to honour their Iron Clad 100% money back RISK FREE gurantee and the personal warranties offered by the presenter for people to try the product. I was the first to get the FREE Scholarship option but they charged me the full price on my card.

They then said that I did not qualify for the 100 % satisfaction moneyback gurantee they promised.

To me is Fraudulent.

I wonder if the person claiming he got his money back was actually an employee of MTI.

I also was not shown how to get the promised 2,000 pips nor did I receive the $2,000 cheque because they failed to do this. Clever sales gimmicks easy to say but never proven.

I am trying to get s 75 refund through my CC as the 2 month or 60 day gurantee period is designed to block CC charge-backs.

Also they do these presentation on a 3 day holiday in the USA to get around the 3 day USA cooling off period. This means that the buyer has NO USA protection in cases of presentation sales and not only that they say that because it wasn't PHYSICALLY face to face ie and internet presentation means that no one in the USA is protected by USA laws should they try to get an immediate full refund. When they told me that the guy on the other end of the phone was quite cocky in the way he fired the lack of any legal recourse by the buyer.

Of course since they are closed for 3 days because of the week end plus the Monday holiday then most people will not qualify for the USA full refund in any case.

Clearly an unscrupulous group of people who are intent in ripping peoples hearts out.
Feb 10, 2017

it not for me

i was told i only needed 250 to start trading but they only were telling you haw to trade, but i wanted to trade not pay to listen to some one for 250 pounds, i can get that for free from youtube, no platform no making money and i still cant get my money back as my picture id is out of date but they had no trouble taking my money im angry and making my trust much harder to believe any one. they are liars
Feb 8, 2017

Some things just are not for you, but for others

i had the utp and it was ok.. i wasnt a student and do plan on becoming one.. i cancelled my utp.. and got a full refund.. so .. to each there own....just because things do not live up to your expectations doesn't mean that it is a scam...not every one is cut out for everything .

Jan 24, 2017

How Much Is It NOW

After buying into MTI the following week the price went down 45%, It appears as if you need to be careful on when you purchase the cost is always changing. Once you buy they are always trying to sell you something else as if you made a mistake on the original agreement. FYI They teach you how to pretend to be a trader !!!!
Jan 19, 2017

Took advantage of the elderly and the inexperienced

This company reaches out to all that will listen to a promise. A promise of becoming educated and wealthy overnight.
I would not refer them clients.
I will report them to the CFTC and the FINRA

Jan 1, 2017

Great Company. Was not for me. Full Refund

I started with MTI 4 months ago and have never been involved with Trading. They supported me ,
mentored and taught me a number of lessons.. some practical, some psychological.
IN the end I decided it was not for me... I completed what was asked of me, viewed some of the thousands of training
videos and live webinars.. Once I advised them I wanted a refund as per the agreement, not a problem.
They did offer more time, mores resources to help but it was time to say goodbye.
2 weeks later I had received my full refund.
Please dont think this is a walk in the part... it is not... You must commit to a fair bit of time and effort to make this work.... I will eventually contact MTI and try again when I feel im in a better position ....
They are good people, wanting you to success
Dec 30, 2016

It is a total fraud

They go under several names. At first they were trading only Forex. Now it is stocks and options. If you havd trouble getting your money back complain to the federal regulators the CFTC and the FINRA
Dec 12, 2016





Dec 10, 2016

MTI (Market Traders Institute) vs MTI Markets

Guys, don't get confused, this thread is all about MTI (Market Traders Institute) as an Educational Company, some people are replying telling that MTI Markets (Forex Broker) is a scam, if you want to talk about MTI Markets, open a new thread.
Nov 30, 2016

complete scam

do not use! markets trading ltd is a scam!
Nov 23, 2016

Reliable broker.. MTI Markets

From my first day of trading I have been using this MTI Markets which for all time make sure security of funds at any deposits with a wide range of trading technologies. And they don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. So, I recommend this broker honestly according to my trading experience I have.
Nov 23, 2016

MTI Markets Review

My trading experience with MTI Markets has been incredible so far. My funds are increasing considerably and this regulated company gives me more benefits for being its clients. Such as a good program of bonuses I can increase my deposit up to 100%! Without any restrictions from here I can use their bonus offer including lowest trading spreads with minimum margin stop outs. I recommend everybody to try this broker out.
Nov 22, 2016


almost everybody claims MTI is scam in here! how come MTI survived so many years in this business?
Nov 18, 2016

Current Student-Avoid unless you are a Pro

the education is OK but they will try to sell you something that is not true. The success rate is 50-60%..out of the mouth of its founder. They will also sell you add ons to your charting software but will not upgrade without paying more. A couple of the salesman are jerks & they will & have lied to sell a product. The software is OK but you will need to start with a large account to be able to get a reasonable return on investment...any stories you hear about success is probably true but it is the exception not the norm.
Nov 12, 2016

Please avoid MTI 2

I am also a victim of MTI. I have tried contacting ....

I forgot to add my contact number: UK number: 07917088871 Anthony
Nov 12, 2016

Please avoid MTI

I am also a victim of MTI. I have tried contacting their refund department on a number of occasions but no one is answering the phone calls. In my own case, I joined MTI a month ago and being a full time worker, I could not engage in the live trading room from start to end, I only join the live room for 45mins to an hour. In the live room I asked if the recording will be available on the same day of the webinar, they said it should be made available within 4 hours as they needed to edit the recording. Take note, that Joshua Martnez had already advised us of some potential setup that we could take, but unfortunately when I logged into their site on my return home from work, I noticed that the day webinar has not been uploaded. I noticed it took 2 working days for the recording to be uploaded, maybe their editing team just was too busy to upload the recording on the same day.

One of the reason why people joined MTI is to make money, and if the recordings are not available at the time it was meant to be, how can we take the setup trade. The fact is we are loosing a good trading opportunity if recording are not made available on time.

All I am asking for now is a full refund of my money.
Nov 9, 2016

New Student 2 months

I think IT will work for me. Beware of High pressure sales. But like the positive reviews here It is work and not overnight success. I need this method to make a living. I am in. God help us one and all. Offered respectfully JAMES

I will return when I have success or not.
Nov 4, 2016

It's a Sales Organization /Scam

Everything within the organization is about expanding sales. Jacob Martinez is suspended from trading. He is the top man in the organization. If Jared has a good day they will advertise it for a year. Isaac manages the finances, he doesn't buy into this software. The daughter Rachael is a nightmare for the company. She works in the collections department. Her husband is a webinar performer.

It's a high pressure organization. If you don't put your time in on the weekend your job is on the line. Drugs are rampant in the organization. One of the reviews said they get different advice from everybody they talk to because everybody is a sales person. Those people will say what you need to hear in order to sell you. They don't make money trading, they make money selling to you. There about 5-7 so called experts for trading to talk too and they have only memorized scripts. Again if these folks could make that kind of money why are they working for MTI?

Too many people from poor countries put up their grocery money thinking this will be their way out of their poor countries. When they don't make another payment because they didn't make any money they are out their money. Nations like Ghana and South Africa and even parts of Russia. Unfortunately kids are not eating when this happens.

The whole family deserves a jail cell next to the Clintons. .
Oct 27, 2016

Trading forex education

The proprietary software is funny with auto fibs, plus bonus pip finder like you couldn't find those indicators on a MT4 platform. If want practical advice and learn how to trade google wayne mcdonnell fxboot camp and traders way without spending dime. Plenty of YouTube videos just saying do due diligence before handing over sizable amount of cash.
Oct 11, 2016


Oct 9, 2016


Hey May 18, 2015.....why give them 5 stars for refunding your money??? It didnt work for you, fair enough, you break even , end of message.
Oct 6, 2016

Maybe it's you..

Marcelo's review really motivated me and made me rethink about 1) teaching myself how to trade through the internet and 2) blaming everyone but yourself. I've never had any interaction with MTI, but i watched Josh's videos online and he really simplifies things, i was impressed. I've learned some valuable stuff. Its a business, and ofcourse they want to make money. You go their on your own accord. So you can't complaon and say you could have learnt the stuff for free. Maybe the issue is you.
Sep 13, 2016

do not worth the money

The student ultimate package is too expensive and most of the course content is basis thing you can learn free by opening one account with $50 in fxcm . they are a bunch of cooker which most of they technique they teach are looser
Aug 26, 2016

I have mixed feelings

While i did learn a bit from their analysis and courses, the money spend after discounts itself is close to US$10000. Now the charts are costing about US$200 per month and cannot afford it. However it is a lifetime membership and Analyst on Demand seems to be working with you. But stay away from upsells because you get almost the same as the previous course.

Now i will need equity to invest in market to be successful, but i have exhausted all my reserves and so in the limbo!

Yes you will be left alone. You don't expect them to follow you unless you keep buying from
Regards Manoj Pillai

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